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Accomodations - Seasonal

Accomodations - Seasonal

2017 Seasonal Rates

Site Charge (Inc. up to 2 people, water & sewer)

Bronze  $2750.00
Silver $2875.00
Gold $3000.00

($50.00 discount for payments made by cash, cheque or debit before May 1st)

Additional People

Adult (19 - 64) $150.00
Child (3 - 18) $125.00
Senior (65+) $100.00

Hydro Deposit

Deposit $250.00

(Deposit to be applied at end of season towards any hydro consumed during the 2017 camping season, any amount not consumed will be applied towards other end of season costs).

Additional Charges

Full Time Seasonal (more than 100 days) $200.00
Transfer of Ownership (See Rules) $650.00
Extended Season (Apr 20 - Oct 20) Daily $20.00

(Above rates due May 1st, 2017 – Payments received after due date are subject to a $75.00 late payment fee)

2017 Off-Season Rates

Winter Storage (Thanksgiving - Apr 15)   $225.00
Winterizing $80.00
Deposit - 2018 Season $650.00

(Above rates due October 1st, 2017 – Invoices will NOT be issued).


Day Visitor Rates – 9am to 11pm (Visitors arriving after 10pm will pay the overnight rate).

Senior (65+) $5.00
Day Visitor (6 - 9 PM) $5.00
Full Day w/Pool Adults & Kids $7.00

(Children 2 & Under FREE)

Night Visitor - 11am Check-Out $10.00
Book of 10 Day Passes $60.00

Interest on Overdue Accounts

Full payment is due by May 1st, 2017.  Any payments made after May 1st will be charged a late payment fee of $75.00 (See Rules & Regulations). No Exceptions. Full payment can be made by cheque and mailed to avoid late payment fees.

  • Hydro will be metered and billed accordingly.
  • Applicable taxes are not included in the prices quoted.
  • Campers cannot enter the resort until their Seasonal Information & Compliance Agreement is completed and signed.
  • Trailer Tax Assessment will be applied to assessable trailers.
  • The Winter Storage Fee paid paid during the previous fall will only cover your trailer until March 15th.  If notice of departure is not given by March 15th and the site is not clean with the trailer removed from the premises by Apr 15th then the full deposit is non-refundable.
  • Premium sites are based on but not limited to: the size, length, or location of the site. It is at the discretion of N.E.T Camping Resort management whether this charge is applicable.

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