EMERGENCY CALL 911 – Make sure to give EMS your LAST NAME & SITE NUMBER

EMERGENCY CALL 911 – Make sure to give EMS your LAST NAME & SITE NUMBER

We hope your stay at N.E.T. Camping Resort is a pleasant one, and the following rules are intended for your safety & comfort:

1. Registration: All campers must register on arrival & a site number will be assigned. Check out time is 11am. Check in is 1pm.

2. Management reserves the right to evict immediately, without refund, any person or persons violating any of the rules, or who uses profane language, becomes intoxicated, or conducts themselves in a manner as may be injurious to others.

3. Speed Limit: 15 kph. Please report licence number of speeders to office. 2 cars per site. Extra cars & visitors can park in the parking lot. Do not block roadways. Do not park on empty sites.

4. Your children are your responsibility at all times. All young people must be at their assigned campsite by 10pm.

5. Anyone found defacing any campground equipment, buildings, or trees will be evicted from the park & held responsible for the costs of repair. No cutting TREES.

6. No motor bikes, mini-bikes, scooters or golf carts. Motorcycles are permitted for entrance & exit to park. No washing of vehicles/trailers.

7. Provincial Law: You cannot drink any alcoholic beverages other than at your residence, such as tent/trailer/cabin or within a 30ft radius of them.

8. PETS must be kept at your own site on a leash, quiet & controlled. Pets are not allowed in the swimming area or playground. No pets are to be left in the campground unattended. Please “Stoop & Scoop”.

9. One picnic table per site. Do not move tables from assigned sites.

10. Garbage must be put in plastic bags & placed in containers provided.

11. Campfires must be in pits only & are to be kept to a reasonable & safe size.

12. Quiet time is 10pm weekdays & 11pm weekends, all radios must be turned off. If not obeyed you may be asked to leave the campground.

13. Visitors: All visitors must register at the office & must leave by 9pm. Any visitors in the park past 9pm will be charged the overnight rate.

14. No bicycle riding after dark.

15. Individuals bringing people into the campground that did not register or pay, will be evicted.

16. N.E.T. Camping Resort takes no responsibility for lost or stolen merchandise.

17. Fireworks are PROHIBITTED at your campsite. Designated areas are available. Ask office for details. Long weekends ONLY.

18. Be courteous to your neighbouring camper & their site. Do not walk though sites.

19. Visitors – Security gate cards are to be used by the registered Campers & their Registered Vehicles Only. Cards are not to loaned or used to allow additional vehicles in the park, even registered guests.

20. Alcohol/Tobacco/ Marijuana/ Vapes: Lawful consumption of alcohol or any other substance that may impair cognitive judgment and mobility, and the smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes, or cannabis, is permitted on the Occupants Site only. Alcohol, tobacco, vapes & marijuana usage are prohibited in all common areas of the Campground unless otherwise permitted as designated in the Campground Rules; however, in the event that consumption or smoking on the Site is the subject of valid nuisance complaints by other Occupants or their visitors, as determined solely by Management, then management may further restrict such on-site consumption or smoking.